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Ultimate Audiochair

The Ultimate Audiochair is designed to bring
a new dimension of sound and comfort to
your life. With an impressivel list of features
and extras it is the ultimate chair for your
loungeroom, home theatre or mancave.
Whether it’s gaming, relaxing to music
or watching a movie or TV, your entertainment
experience will never be the same again.

Byron Recliner

The Byron Recliner model is the little brother
of the Ultimate. It comes standard with just
the control panel, speakers and a narrower,
more traditional arm width. It can however
come with a large range of optional extras.
A fantastic addition for your lounge room
or home theatre. A range of colours available
in both leather and fabrics to suit any mood.

Arakoon Armchair

The Arakoon Armchair, affectionately
known as the ‘Own Zone’ is a compact
version of its reclining big brothers.
Complete with a matching ottoman this
stylish model is ideal for any modern
interior. Great if you’re limited for space
behind the chair.

Yamba Deluxe Lift

The Yamba Deluxe lift recliner was designed for those that have a little trouble getting into and out of their chair. With a twin motor electric mechanism, this model boasts ‘infinite position capabilities’ meaning the back rest and seat work separate to each other. So from lying flat, to standing and anything in between, the lift recliner is a perfect addition to your lifestyle. A full range of healthcare rated fabrics are also available.